Our Story

After years of strategic management consulting and independent software development, the partners at login custom software notice an immense need for an information consultant and software developer that could cater to the needs of the small local business.


Login was born as an alternative to expensive management software and development that small local business does not need. by focusing on the client and necessary functionality Login CS manages to provide custom solutions that just work without all the unnecessary features that make most software prices soar. 



Login Custom Software is a technology consulting, engineering and custom software development company, dedicated to bringing your software, web design and applications to life.


At Login, we collaborate with our clients to create custom-made software applications as unique as their industry challenges. By carefully studying each situation our consultants, engineers, and designers can create a solution that fits your needs and your budget precisely.


Our mission


Our mission is to bring to our clients the comfort and ease of use of a custom-made solution, as well as the reliability of standard industrial software, without cumbersome and expensive unnecessary features.​


We believe that Login meets an increasing need for a software development company that can mold itself to the unique challenges in different fields, facilities, and clients

The Team


We have a dynamic young team of specialized consultants ready to help you with all your software and design needs. in addition, we employ expert programmers from the USA, Colombia, Argentina, and Panama in order to serve all of our client needs. 


Our senior consultants can help point you towards the right software solution for your business. 

Matias A. Fernandez

Managing Partner

Senior Software Consultant

Maria P Lister

Business Manager

Nicolas Jaramillo

Optimization Engineer

Cam Avendano  

Senior Systems Consultant

Christian Nunez

Project Manager







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